Our travel in New Zealand

10 décembre 2020

Our beautiful travel in New Zealand

New Zealand

Hey everyone !

Yesterday :03/02/2020, it's summer over there and winter here ! Lilou and I (Anaïs) we came back from New Zealand, we stay there 3 weeks. So we will tell you our adventure !

So, we have joined our friends at our big big house :

Wakatipu Heights - Villa à Queenstown (Otago, Nouvelle-Zélande)


The next day, we did a stroll by the sea, where we crossed typical animals of New Zealand : Les oiseaux de Nouvelle-Zélande – L'antipodekiwi           Les animaux de Nouvelle-Zélande : kiwis, moutons, mais pas seulement !Sea lions


After that, we had a picnic on this beach with our friends :

Visiter la baie d'Abel Tasman en Randonnée et Pupu Springs


And after this busy day ; we returned to the villa.

It's a amazing volcano !!!

The next week, we flew over part of New Zealand by helicopter; here is what we took in picture :


                                                                                          It's a amazing big volcano


And then we saw a geyser :Wai-O-Tapu et ses paysages géothermiques incroyables ! • Serial Travelers - Blog Voyage

                                                                    IT WAS IMPRESSIVE


A little bit after, we ate in a restaurant that cooked the specialities of New Zealand, It was a little special restaurant because it was was in a tree 



                                                                                                                 Lilou's dish

 Anaïs's dish


A few days later, we went to visit the Hobbiton movie set where we saw Hobbit's houses :It was a beautiful little houses.


 The last week was enventful and strong in thrills because we gave ourselves a challenge : make a bungee jumping !!It was in Kawarau Bridge.



We rested to leave the next day. We flew in Wellington's airport

 During the flight, we talked about our travel in New Zealand and we both thought that New Zealand is a beautiful country and there are a lot of things to do, we were surprised by some things.

We advise you to visit this country if you can :)

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